Testimonials from Satisfied A.J. Michaels Customers

While the quality of our work speaks for itself, we love to hear it from our customers too. We receive compliments, letters and referrals every day and take pride in knowing we provided a positive experience and solution to their heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs. Here are a just some of the many satisfied A.J. Michaels customers, in their own words.

I was very pleased with the experience. Before selecting a company to do the job, I got written estimates from AJ Michaels and BGE Home. AJ Michaels offered the better price. I picked a middle-of-the-line Carrier heat pump. The total cost of the job was about $6600, which included a $300 manufacturer's rebate. AJ Michaels required 1/3 deposit with the remainder due on completion of the job. About a week before the job, 2 employees from the company did a "walk through" to see exactly how my house was laid out and to determine what supplies they would need. On the day of the walk through, I expressed a desire to get the installation done earlier than the promised date if an opening became available. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the company 2 days later to offer me an earlier day, which I immediately accepted. On the day of the job, the 2 employees who did the installation arrived promptly at the agreed upon time, and completed the job in about 8 hours. They were professional, took pains to ensure that they did not dirty the carpeting in my house and answered all my questions. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to others.

Milton Zucker
Catonsville, MD 21228


I can't tell you how pleased I am with the duct sealing of my 2 systems. The guys came on time, cleaned up at the end of each day, and were the most pleasant craftsmen I have met. Paul's honesty and sincerity really helped to boost my confidence and trust with A.J. Michaels. I look forward to a long-standing relationship with A.J. Michaels.

Thanks for everything you have done for me.


As the owner of SMCF, LLC I want to thank you for the "Thank You" card and gift card to Giant. We have come to rely on your team's service and professionalism with our property management business and look forward to a continued amicable business relationship.

Mark McFadden - Account Manager

The installation of our new Carrier System went very smoothly and we are presently enjoying the comfort it brings us as we embark on cold winter days. Your crews performed in an excellent manner, and a special word of thanks to Guinn for ensuring that we received the best System possible for our home.

Tom Carlucci

Yesterday morning (3:30AM) my husband and I discovered that our central air was not working properly. At 7:30AM, I called the company that installed the system and they were not able to schedule a technician until Friday, July 29th. I knew that this was going to be a problem getting someone to come out, as with the current heat wave in Baltimore, I was sure that there were many individuals calling about their air conditioning systems not working.

I then proceeded to call A.J. Michaels as I was very familiar with the name, having seen their service trucks in the neighborhood, as well as their advertising on TV.

As a first-time customer, I was quite surprised that your company was able to schedule someone for 10:30AM that morning. Moreover, at no time did the individual who took my call ask if I was an existing customer. If they had, the thought was that we would not be a priority in getting a service call scheduled. That never occurred.

At 10:30, Guinn Hamilton, heating/cooling specialist arrived and proceeded to climb into our attic to determine what was causing the AC to not turn on. He quickly diagnosed the problem and called the office to schedule a technician to come out. Similar to my first call of the morning to the company that had installed our AC system, Guinn was told that someone could not come out until Friday. I looked at Guinn and he immediately jumped into the mode of "I can't let this customer down."

Guinn volunteered to climb back into the attic and with buckets and rags try to get rid of about 8 gallons of water that had accumulated in the reserve pan. He had already climbed the ladder and was back in the attic when he got a call from the office that they were able to schedule a technician for 12 noon. Hooray!! My first kudos goes to Guinn, an exceptional, customer service-oriented individual.

At a few minutes before 12 noon, Dwayne Bartlett and Mike arrived. The 2nd kudos goes to both them but, particularly, Dwayne. Dwayne immediately put me at ease saying that he would very quickly get our AC working. With the capable assistance of Mike, Dwayne proceeded to resolve the issue within 30 minutes of arriving. It was not an easy job being a very difficult space to work in. It was an unfinished attic, with no proper flooring, and the space was very tight where one could not stand fully erect.

Dwayne and his colleague were absolutely wonderful. All the time, very positive and focused on making sure that the customer was 100% satisfied. After Dwayne completed the job and was cleaning up, I asked him a little about himself. I learned that his grandparents lived literally next door to the house that I grew up in Phoenix, MD. Only in Baltimore! Of course, we knew his grandparents. And, Dwayne, remembered my Dad, Mom and, particularly my brother and by his childhood nickname. That was over 40+ years ago!

For a first-time customer with A.J. Michaels, I was overly impressed with your company, the work ethic of these individuals and, particularly, their command of what it takes to provide superior customer service. I am in the healthcare industry where customer service is absolutely essential and a part of my DNA. I am also on the board of our neighborhood association - over 950 homes - and my experience with contractors goes a long way when someone asks for a recommendation. I have very high standards and A.J. Michaels, through the actions of Guinn and Dwayne, passed with flying colors. I will, indeed, be calling A.J. Michaels the next time that I need these type of services and if, asked, will certainly recommend them.

S. Carey
Baltimore, MD


I have called A.J. Michaels a couple of times over the past few years and have never received the exceptional quality level of service from any other company that I have received from A.J. Michaels. It is impressive. Everyone, from the original estimator, office staff, and techs were fantastic. The service techs took the time to "care" about my property. They were very polite and helpful. I will recommend AJM to everyone.

Norm Rogers

This has been the most satisfying experience.

I have been in my Ellicott City house since 1986. It was built in 1985. We are the first of the second owners. Shortly after we moved in we discovered the original Heat pump system was not installed correctly. I started a service contract with another company then and have been with them ever since. In Nov 2001, they replaced the 16 year old unit with the Bryant unit you replaced yesterday. For the last couple years, I have felt a decreased level of service and increased cost from this other company.

I started a contract with BGE Home when I had the hot water unit replace about a year ago. Once again, I have felt a decreased level of service. Whenever I called for service I would be given an appointment several weeks in the future.

I have had the siding, the roof, the windows, the thermostat and Hot Water heater replaced. BGE continued to send me monthly energy reports indicating I am using a much higher levels of electricity than all my neighbors. Talking to other companies and to BGE Home repeatedly offered no solution.

I continued to hear your radio advertisements on WBAL for the AREOSEAL service. They lead me to believe you, A.J. Michaels, would be able to correct the energy issues with BGE, my A/C-Heat system and offer the ability to maintain the hot water heater as well (and maybe a few other services).

So far your response and service has far exceeded my hopes. Alexi and Misty have been very pleasant and helpful in the arrangements. Greg Tessier and Rafael Fuste are wonderfully professional, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to know and work with.

Yesterday, Kyle and Chuck, with the support of Ryan were also wonderfully professional, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The dedication and level of service they demonstrated had been a breath of fresh air. Many years ago I installed electronic systems for a Security Alarm company. I had a high standard of service I provided for my customers. Kyle and Chuck went out of their way to provide the best level of quality in their service, from arriving early, never once even taking a break, handling every piece of equipment with care, to leaving my home as clean as they started.

I am looking forward to having, I think Paul, install the AREOSEAL process and Rafael provide the Foam insulation installation in my basement and crawl space in the next couple weeks, with complete confidence that my home will be so much more comfortable.

I am looking forward to a long term relationship with the staff of A.J. Michaels Company for the maintenance of all of my equipment.

Thank you for your service,

David & Susan


This email is in response to a job that your company did for me at my home in Randallstown Maryland last year.

I realize that by you being the president of your company, the business of running the company may keep you from seeing first hand exactly what you employees are doing on a daily basis. That's why I've decided to send this email.

I purposely waited until the "dust" had settled, the check had been cashed, and the grass had grown back to give my opinion on the job that your company did.

Let's start from the beginning. The young lady who answers your phone was courteous, friendly, and professional. The young man who came by was well spoken, properly dressed, and ON TIME!!!!! The crew that actually did the work respected my home, used protective gear, and cleaned up after themselves. Last but not least, the bill for the job was exactly the same as the estimate, not to mention that the parts used for the job were top quality. (I looked myself to see what you were using.)

Your grade for the work done on my home would have to be an A+. Being fair and honest, I can't think of anything that you or your employees could have done to make the experience any better.

Thank you for the follow up letter, the thoughtful gift card, and the opportunity to grade the performance of your company.

Several of my neighbors had this same plumbing issue. Your company's name did not come up when they made recommendations. Your estimate was not my first or last one.

Too bad that they didn't know any better. Maybe they would have gotten the same quality and service that I received.

Once again THANK YOU for a job well done.

Lee R. Washington


I had a home energy audit conducted recently, through B&G, using AJ Michaels. First I want to say how I wish I would have done this years ago. Our house is approximately 15 years old, 4,000 square feet with a brick exterior, 2 zone heating, (1st floor oil, 2nd floor heat pump) and what I would consider very well constructed. The service rep. Rafael Fuste was very courteous when he arrived, explained everything he was going to do in detail and when going over the results of the audit was very informative. I am a Mechanical Engineer and am well versed in HVAC systems and heat transfer so I had a good understanding of the test he conducted, the purpose of the test and in large part what most of the test results meant. In the future I will recommend to other people I know that they consider having the home energy audit done and if possible use AJ Michaels. When considering the relative low cost of the audit, i.e. $100 dollars for $325 audit, it's a great deal. Throw in the potential cost savings that could be realized by some of the recommendation Rafael make it's a no brainer.


Dennis Bolt


Thank you very dearly for the amazing skilled services you rendered at my home. I hope to contact you in the future to change the heating/cooling system in my home to one that operates off forced air

R Karani
Baltimore, MD

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your follow-up upon completion of the work at my home. I want to commend the A.J. Michael Company on the quality of men/craftsman sent to work with us and do the installation of the new boiler and hot water heater.

I must begin with our contact with Brad Foxwell. We are very impressed with his knowledge and taking special interest in listening to us explain what we thought we needed and boiling it down to explain how the A.J. Michaels Company would handle the entire installation process. We did have additional companies give us bids and while there was some competition in price, Brad set the bench mark in service and courtesy the other companies could not match. He represents your company well.

I believe our next contact with A.J. Michael was with Eddy and his helper who installed the interior gas line which had to be done in preparation of BGE installing the gas meter. Eddy did a quality job installing the gas line quickly and also the hot water tank exhaust line. They were polite in every contact with my wife and myself, very neat in their workmanship and cleaning up the work site when they completed the installation.

The actual installation of the boiler and hot water heater was done by Paul and Rob. Amazingly our experiences with each group of men you sent to work at our house were outstanding. Paul, and Rob, did great credit to your company in so many ways. They are pure professionals who know their work and went about the installation process with little wasted time or motions. Words fail me in describing the quality and neatness of their work. They walked into a real mess of piping that looked like spaghetti in a pot, cut it all out, and produced a work of art in the plumbing world. They were very neat and clean in everything they did, laying out resin paper to protect the floor and other items, cleaning up any mess they made, answering my questions professionally and politely, and always respectful. Quite a telling testimony to your company and the quality of employees you have.

Also thanks go to contacts I had with Misty and you Ashley. I appreciated your courtesy and politeness in taking my telephone calls. As I said, everyone I had contact with at the A.J. Michael Company are professional and did an outstanding job representing the company.

Thank you very much.

Dan Knight


Dear Mr. Giangrandi,

We recently had work performed in our home, by your company, as part of a large, and ongoing renovation project. I just wanted to take a few minutes, to make you aware, of our complete satisfaction with all of the services provided by the A.J. Michaels team. Our initial contact with Brad Foxwell, set the expectations, and every member, of your team, followed through, with the same level of commitment and service. A huge part of our decision was regarding the feasibility, phase. Brad jumped in, from the first phone call, to the follow up with Anne Arundel County, regarding permit questions. His professionalism is to be commended.

After signing our contract we had a sudden, "emergency" leak. I called Brad, within minutes, the scheduling team took over, and a repair crew was on site, and fixed the problem! Misty in scheduling continued to keep us informed every step of the way, throughout the process, she always called me, I never needed to worry. All of the crews who worked in our home, were courteous and professional. We will happily contact your company for any future plumbing needs, and happily recommend A.J. Michaels!

Your team is outstanding!

Karen-Lee Kratz


We were very pleased with the Dan and Cody. They were a great couple of guys. I was very impressed with their excellent customer service and knowledge. They took the time to do the job right and explain everything. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you very much and for filing the warranty paperwork.

Patti Traber

We could not have been happier with every step of the relationship with your company. From the office staff, sales and service, every aspect is 100% wonderful. We only ran the system one day then it became cool, so I can't tell you if everything is working perfectly, but cant't imagine it isn't.

We tell everyone about the incredible people working for A.J.'s!

Dee Byrne

I use a simple tool for any business arrangement small or large which is 3 RV, and you hit them all. I found you Responsive, you were Reliable during the process, and three you built a good working Relationship with me which means Value. As I mentioned during our conversation I will complete this purchase after I get the approval for the Fan Coil/Air Handler.
Thank you again for this first step with a small but very important upgrade and purchase for my home.

James James


Another provider came out and diagnosed various issues with our 22 year old furnace and, ultimately, it needed to be replaced. I felt the other provider's quote was extremely high ($8000 for a bare-bones, basic system), so I called AJ Michaels. Their estimator, Don, came out on the same day-towards the end of the day- even though it was Christmas Eve. He discussed options, provided information about various systems and the BGE rebates we'd be eligible for if we chose certain higher-efficiency products. With his help, we opted for a Carrier 96% efficiency furnace and 16-seer A/C unit, each with a $400 Smart Energy Rebate.

In the meantime, we got 3 other estimates, and AJ Michaels offered the best product for the best price.

Installation was scheduled for 8 AM on 12/31/14. The team of three arrived early, put down covering on our (cream) carpeting, and were courteous and receptive to all of my questions throughout the installation process. Installation went smoothly, no issues whatsoever.

A few days following the installation, I received a follow-up call from Ashley of AJ Michaels to check on how things went and make sure that we are satisfied with the product and with the services provided.

I would highly recommend AJ Michaels. We found them to be prompt, courteous, responsive, and customer-service oriented.

C. Perrin
Forest Hill, MD


The great job the A.J Michaels team did at my home team arrived on time, prepared and organized. Throughout the day they were very careful about not damaging the surrounding landscaping on my property and my neighbors property: A most pleasant experience.

Mrs. Goldstein
Woodstock, MD

Thank you to your company for the wonderful job in installing my new furnace and air conditioning system. I am very pleased with my new system: impressed by the professionalism of your staff

Ms. Tasin
Owings Mills, MD

Everyone was fantastic (salesman, installers, technicians). Absolutely use this company again.

Mr. Pettis
Baltimore, MD

How very pleased I was with the work your company recently did at my home and impressed with the sales person, Don. He was patient explaining what needed to be done. I was most impressed with the two workmen who did the job! They were very courteous and pleasant. Dan took time to explain to me how the thermostat worked and left everything neat and tidy.

Ms. Gettle
Finksburg, MD

A great job AJ Michaels did installing our new furnace and air conditioning systems. Over all, we are extremely satisfied with our decision to go with AJ Michaels. Your salesperson, price, and knowledgeable workers far outshine all your competitors.

Mr. & Mrs. Ridgeway
Dundalk, MD

How well your organization works and how very much it was appreciated! It is a superb team.

Mr. Catzen
Baltimore, MD

Installers were helpful in answering questions we had at the time. Thanks for the information on our rebate and for all your help.

Mrs. Wright
Baltimore, MD

Very pleased with the work. Thanks again to AJ Michaels for the quick response.

Mr. Cary-Brown in Baltimore, MD

Chris and Justin were very professional

Baltimore, MD

Very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the installers. Customer service is such an important aspect of today's business, but is too often lacking. That has made A.J. Michaels attentiveness to it all the more refreshing

Mr. Buell
Jessup, MD

We are very pleased with the system: the whole process from start to finish was very easy. The crew was very polite and took great care in our home

Mr. Shaffer
Bladwin, MD

How pleased my husband and I are with everything about your company: extremely neat work and easy to work with. His expertise was evident and we truly felt pampered: a pleasure to have in the house!

Mr. & Mrs. Pritchard
Timonium, MD

They were very courteous and neat

Mr. &l Mrs. Radek
Lutherville, MD

It was our pleasure to finally deal with the most professional group in the industry. I would highly recommend A.J. Michaels to any one that is looking for their services. To ALL job well done. Thanks.

Mr. Ashby
Monkton, MD

Everything turned out great. Clean looking install and everything runs better than expected!

Mr. DeLisle
Cantonsville, MD

Very appreciative of your honesty.

Ms. Gaffney
White Hall, MD

Very professional and courteous employees representing your company: absolute pleasure working w/them! Thanks again for a pleasant experience especially when its hard today to find QUALITY SERVICE!

Mr. Pollock
Annapolis, MD

Your company has done so much good work for me over the years that I have great trust in your services and employees.

Mr. Maher
Baltimore, MD

very responsive, never any problems, very attentive ... always quick to respond. Very happy with every service and install, everything has been very good! I do and will continue to refer A.J. Michaels Company.

Mr. Franzoni
Queenstown, MD

I am simply writing to commend your staff for their professionalism, courtesy and quick response. Three pipes in my home burst yesterday and Brian was dispatched within a few hours. This is very impressive. Ashley on the phones was just great: very kind, efficient and professional.

Brian was also very reassuring, worked quickly and professionally, and restored my home to normal in a few hours. Today I received a call from Misty who was following up to make sure everything went well. This too is very impressive. So, all in all, it was a very positive experience and I thought you might want to know.

My significant other (Housing Commissioner Paul Graziano) and I have both had experience with your company through our work and have heard only positive things from our staff. Now we find that for our own smaller, personal needs, your company provides the same level of service and work ethic as if we were a more financially important customer.

So again, many thanks to you. We are very much appreciative of all of the efforts made by your staff.

Arlene Conn


When our basement flooded during a horrible winter storm many years ago, your team came to our rescue giving solid advice on what to do and timely support with getting us a new furnace, water heater and more. You were also very supportive of some of the social causes that Linda and I worked on over the years.

And then, in 2012-2013 your team — under the leadership of Jim Blake, Ryan Small and a few others—help us transform one of Mt. Vernon's original mansions, which had been abandon for over 10 years, into a showcase office for our two firms: CampaignConsultation, Inc. (all things social change) and Eye Byte Solutions (all things design).

Here is a short video that was made on this redevelopment project:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZVgm1stau4

Thanks again for all you do!

Steven Rivelis


Dear Mr. Giangrandi,

My wife and I were very impressed with your employee Russell, who has been servicing our new Carrier unit. Difficulties had arisen with the unit and parts were difficult to obtain. The wrong part came in, and the installment delayed.

Russell was courteous, knowledgeable, professional and always demonstrated a positive attitude with us. He would explain the problem to us in non-technical terms which put us at ease.

During the recent snowstorm, on February 14, Russell walked up the unplowed driveway, to provide service. He never complained and his positive, friendly attitude was astounding.

Russell is truly an asset to your company. You are lucky to have him as an employee.

He even gave us his phone number in case we had any problems over the weekend!

We never would have thought we would have problems with a year old system, and that is very concerning. But, to have Russell be the one to fix them made it more palatable.

Brooke & Joan Strickler


Just a quick thank you to Matt, Ryan and you for handling my plumbing needs in a professional, friendly and timely manner. Always nice dealing with a company that cares.

Don Hilton

Dear Mr. Tessier:

My name is Jocelyn Hawkins. I contacted your company forthe first time on February 11, 2014 at approximately 6:30 PM to request a technician come out to check my furnace which had stopped working. Chris was sent out to look at the problem in an attempt to repair it. We were expecting a large volume of snow the next day and I had been without heat since the previous Sunday, February 9, 2014. (I had to relocate my 89 year old mother with dementia to my aunt in Silver Spring, MD because of this.) Chris was very honest with me and stated he had no idea what was wrong with my furnace, but he somehow got it to work before he left. Yeah Chris.

Again on Friday, February 14, 2014, my furnace went out. I called your company to request a service person and a person that could provide me with an estimate on replacing the unit. The person sent was Don Napier, Sr. Estimator. Don called to let me know that he was coming and was very professional from then to the end of our appointment. When he did arrive, he introduced himself, extended his hand for a handshake and asked what the problem was. He immediately went to the furnace, took measurements and provided me with information after a few questions about replacing the unit. At all times I found Don to be very professional, and concerned with helping me. Any question I asked he answered and made sure I understood. He also promised to e-mail me an estimate later in the day. On Saturday, he called to see if I had received the estimate, which I had and at that time I informed him that I was seeking other estimates from other companies but had a feeling that your company would get the job.

I did get three other estimates and boy oh boy I noticed a big difference in those companies. Sadly to say one was veryunprofessional. The other two were only trying to sell me something but not listening to what I needed. One came in and talked to my tenant because he is male and never directed any of the conversation to me even though I am the one paying for this.

Don was so professional in all aspects of contact and with thebest price for the job that your company did indeed get the job. I just wanted to let you know that I think Don Napier is a very good personal representative for your company. I hope that the installers will be just as good or better than Don. (As I stated to you in our phone conversation, I feel that Don should be given a raise.) He has a very hard job going into homes. Just wanted to let you know that Don Napier is a wonderful asset to your company. Please allow Don to read this letter.

Sorry for being so long winded but tried to tell you everything.

Ms. Jocelyn Hawkins
Baltimore, MD


Please pass on our thank you to Ed Kirby for his excellent repair and upgrade efforts on the McCormick Blending hot water boiler. Ed was thorough and extremely professional. And fixed a 10+ year old problem.


George Shaffer
Elkridge, MD

I was planning to send you a card on Friday to tell you how pleased I am with my repair and the thank you for hiring people who still take pride in their work. I was really surprised to get a Thank You from you with the much appreciated Giant gift card.

I received friendly and professional service from everyone I had contact with in your organization starting with the ladies who answer the phone. Everyone who came to my house was courteous and respectful of me and my home. They took care to cover my floor and furniture and cleaned up nicely behind themselves. My new drain pipe is doing it's job full force now.

I agree with you. It seems that customer service and quality workmanship is a lost art form, but I am glad to see it is alive and well at A. J. Michaels. I recommended your company to replace my daughter's mother-in-law's furnace in the 2200 block of Cold spring Ln. last month. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone else who needs plumbing service. You folks are a class act.

Gloria Scott


...very happy with the job. The crew was very professional, clean, polite and did a great job!

Douglas Barnes

Michael and Jim,

Our sewer line collapsed in early January and after a great deal of research my wife Lisa and I decided to use your company for the job. The work was completed in January and soon after; we started noticing water leaking onto our front sidewalk, the grass area by the sidewalk and down the gutter of Jenifer rd. I sent emails to our contact at AJM to no avail (we found out much later that our contact person no longer worked at AJM and our emails were not received). At this time, our front sidewalk was a sheet of ice based on the frigid temperatures we all experienced this past winter. We had to place hazard tape on both side of our sidewalk to warn any pedestrian attempting to use this walkway. Many days were spent breaking up the ice with a shovel and using plenty of salt. However since water was continuously leaking, my efforts were in vain. I also placed several calls with the Dept. of Public Works. They found a small leak at the meter and this was replaced to no avail. We finally placed a complaint with BBB as we had become rather frustrated at this time. I usually find myself writing letters complimenting s skills as opposed to a complaint. At this time, Ryan Small contacted us.

Ryan followed up with the county in regards to any storm lines that might be in our area. Although there was an easement, the records reflected no storm drain located on the easement. Ryan also conducted a test on the water itself. The water sample reflected chlorine. He then followed up this test by using pool testing strips. The result showed that the water leaking is city water. Since our water main was damaged and repaired on the initial job, the thought was perhaps this is where the leak was originating. On April 16th, a new water line was run because trying to find, fix and repair an existing water line is more difficult. After the job was completed and sufficient time was allowed for the water leak to drain, we continued to monitor the area in question. We placed calls with the Dept. of public works again but each time they sent someone out, they responded with no leaks at the meter. Actually, the only place they would check was ONLY at the meter. I happened to be home three out of the four times the city came to the house.

Unfortunately, I wish I could say that all had been resolved. We still have the area in question soaking wet with water continuing to go down the street. My wife and I have lived at this address: 8721 Jenifer rd. Parkville md. 21234 since 1995 and never have we had this type of problem. s feeling is that there is indeed another leak from the street or someone s property. Ryan followed up with the city for us and had another investigator come to our home. He tried calling the Baltimore County chief of inspections for assistance. Ryan also created another ticket for us in regards to this leak. Ryan also asked to come to the house to take another look inside the house just to make sure nothing was missed as he is extremely detailed.

In summary, we still have the water leaking issue. However, Ryan's due diligence is outstanding! He has continued to help us with this issue and the level of excellence we have noticed with Ryan is unsurpassed! He is extremely knowledgeable and continues to above and in helping us with this unfortunate leaky mess. His exemplary service should certainly be recognized. He is truly an asset to your organization and based in his actions alone, I will certainly let friends and family know about the type of work folks should expect of your company. Unfortunately, the leak persists but Ryan is continuing to work with us to resolve this issue.

Demetrios & Lisa


We wanted to extend our thanks to you and your team for the prompt and efficient service yesterday at our Burke Avenue address. Its nice to know we have a partner we can trust to assist us with our home maintenance needs.

Also appreciate the follow up phone call from your staff this morning!

William Sojourner

I want to thank A.J. Michaels and Company for all the work that was done to make my home a happy home again. I greatly appreciate each and every one that played a part in this project.


I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate your prompt and courteous service from the personnel. The young lady who promptly returned my call after the message was left, the young lady who handled and scheduled my service so promptly after I returned her call. The young man who came promptly as promised and corrected a concern which I have been dealing with for a week. Most customers usually just notify you to complain about poor service. Your service and personnel are both very courteous and very prompt and helpful. It is nice to know there are still companies who care about the consumer.

Sharon Ward


Wanted to thank you for my heatpump/ac install, Ed Hughes and Billy Dunkerly did a nice job. Working in a crawl space and 90 degree temps in the sun they never stopped working. Never heard any bad language from either one and they were very respectful to me and my home, inside and out. Thanks again for a quality job and quick install.

Don Kimmell
Halethorp, MD

Thank you so much for terrific service. Your team did a great job, and they left the place clean!

Mike Plugh
Baltimore, MD

A.J. Michaels recently installed central air in my older home. It was a positive experience from start to finish. Having so many hard working and professional people in the same company tells me a lot about your business.

The system has changed the whole atmosphere in my house. It was a lot more than I expected in terms of work, and the sheer amount of parts and pieces that went into my house. A special thank-you to Kyle Koch and Matt Yannacci who were hard-working, knowledgeable, careful of my house, and created a good work environment for themselves, me and my two excitable, small dogs.

Everyone involved did a great job. Thank you for a professional and positive experience.

Wendy Jaacls
Baltimore, MD


Hello, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone involved in our very successful sewer pipe replacement project that was performed in late April 2014. From the first call to schedule an estimate everything went so smoothly. Chris Darr made the time and came the same day to inspect what our problem might be. He got right on the issue and started the ball rolling to get us back to normal. After the contract was signed, Chris, Ryan Small and Brian Smith came down to run a sewer snake. They were all really great and explained everything they were doing. They were very pleasant which helped us during a very stressful time. They were, at the same time, very no-nonsense, efficient and knowledgeable which filled us with the confidence we needed to place our home in their hands. Donnie Bowling (sp?) installed the new sewer pipe and was very pleasant each day, despite the grueling amount of work involved.

After the work was completed we were very shocked to get a thank you gift card in the mail from your company for our business. It was very touching to know that a company would take the time to follow-up after payment has been received and not only thank us for our business but give us a gift, as well. I hope this email reaches the correct level of management because there was contact info. (which was misplaced) that accompanied the gift card, asking for a review of services and I would hate for the gesture to go unacknowledged.

Again, thank you to all involved in the process of our project. Please feel free to use any comments in this email in any way that benefits A.J. Michaels.

Melissa Kidwell


Wanted to let you know how one of your employees took care of my concern in record time. I was waiting for my BGE refund and contacted Lexi Tessier and she responded right away, kept me informed and in a few days I had a check. Great customer service should be rewarded, she did an outstanding job. Thanks to you all best wishes.

Don & Amma Kimmel

Dan and Corey were great and wanted to make sure their manager knows. Absolutely top notch, polite, wonderful, comfortable with the, staying at the house. Great guys!!!!!!! Super happy with the tech crew that went out.

Mrs. Bratton
Pasadena, MD

Crew was very efficient, clean, polite, did an excellent job and a pleasure to have them in (my) home

John Huppert
Baltimore, MD

Our installation was completed on September 10th; and we were very pleased with the process. Our installers were Brian and Chuck. They were top installers. Not only did they complete the assigned tasks, but they were helpful in answering our questions; they were very courteous; they portrayed great personality; and remained diligent in their task at hand. So, thank you A.J. Michaels for a great job!

The Stanfords