Aeroseal: saving you money from the inside out.

About 30 cents of every heating or cooling dollar you spend is literally leaking away. Tiny leaks in your ductwork can allow warm and cool air to escape. Worse yet, these leaks can also spread mold, dampness and contaminated air throughout your home or business.

Whether it's your home or your workplace; an older structure or a newer one, leaky ducts could be a major problem. But A.J. Michaels has the answer. It's Aeroseal®: a high–tech solution developed by the University of California Berkeley. And it works for residential and commercial buildings. And, for a limited time, you can save up to 50% on duct sealing after a home energy audit is performed. Contact Us for more information.

We realized a 28.7% reduction in electricity usage after Aeroseal. The air velocity from my registers increased, upstairs and downstairs temperatures are now consistent and my air conditioning runs less.

Brian - Arnold, MD

Common Duct Problems Diagram

The Aeroseal process starts when we measure the amount of leakage in your ductwork. Then we run high-pressure air through the system, pumping thousands of tiny polymer particles into the ductwork. These particles stick to the edges of the leaks, and to each other, sealing off the escaping air — even in hard-to-reach areas concealed by walls or ceilings.

Heatmap of House with Aeroseal

The result? Your system becomes more efficient. You'll be more comfortable. Your energy bills will go down.

How effective is it? We guarantee every Aeroseal job for 10 years. There's no doubt about it.

Areoseal Logo The entire process can be completed in one day. A.J. Michaels is the only contractor in the Baltimore-Annapolis area licensed to install Aeroseal and has four years of experience.

Want to know more? In Baltimore, call us at 410.435.5400 , in Annapolis at 410.573.5858 or Contact Us to learn more. You have nothing to lose — except for some very costly leaks.