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A.J. Michaels: BG&E's Award-winning Contractor

A J Michaels is a local, family-owned business serving Baltimore and Annapolis since 1978. We are not a franchise or owned by an out of town conglomerate or a utility. We do not believe that bigger is better. As a matter of fact, we believe the opposite. Our trades require high levels of skill and training. Bigger, to us, means lowered standards of quality control and workmanship in your home or business.

We are the “just right” company—big enough to provide you with the highest quality installations and service, but not so big that we have to lower standards in order to meet volume or demand.

AJ Michaels holds HVAC, Plumbing, Gas Fitters and Electrical master licenses and a Maryland Home Improvement license. Our employees are long term and have years of training in order to be qualified to serve you. We know that our livelihoods depend upon your satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for plumbing, heating, air conditioning installations or service, we are your dependable source. Award-winning and a recognized industry leader, we are the only contractor in Maryland that has ever been recognized by Baltimore Gas & Electric eight consecutive years (1987-1994) for outstanding achievement in energy-efficient equipment installations.

We offer prompt, courteous same day service, and don't forget, there's no extra charge for evenings and weekends.

Meet the Team

While we believe in maintaining the utmost professionalism on the job, we also believe that A.J. Michaels is able to offer a level of personal service that goes a long way towards establishing trust with our customers. As such, we've put together a photo gallery of ourselves doing what we do best.

Please stop by and take the chance to get to know us, as we hope to get to know you.

Meet the team!